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RPI games festival  
12:04am 16/04/2007
This weekend me and the RIT Game Dev Club went on an excursion to the RPI games festival. I met some interesting people and learned some interesting things. I wrote an account of it in my blog for those that are interested, so check it out. There is some ds/wii stuff in there, especially because I met the people behind puzzle quest and spider-man 3 wii.
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Lik-sang fraud. URGENT PLEASE READ  
10:28am 01/12/2006
Hello some of you might not have heard of this. But there is a fraud e-mail circling around in the aftermath of lik-sang's demise. I'm not to detailed on the specifics but I'm posting the full e-mail message (minus the links) under the cut.

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Zelda PWNAGE  
04:47am 14/11/2006
First Zelda Review in!
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Pre Wii sales.  
04:01pm 12/11/2006
Hello. To help cut costs for Wii, I'm selling some DS games, and my Gamecube. Here they are.

Mechassault DS
Age of Empires DS
Nintendo Gamecube (NO A/V) Cables**.

Unfortunately Wii does NOT use the same A/V cables as Cube or n64. Therefore, I need to keep my Cube A/V cables.
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(no subject)  
12:33am 19/09/2006
I'm wondering. What do you think of the skepticism involving Wii? It is interesting to see some people NOT jumping on Wii's bandwagon. I think that's good. For a while, it seemed that Wii became overhyped, which really is bad for a console seeing as it guarantees that it fails people's expectations.

[Unknown LJ tag] I think that while some parallels between Wii's and Gcube's launch are valid there are several factors that are Different. First, nintendo is under new leadership. IF you look at some of the quoutes that former president Hiroshi Yamauchi made, he was crazy! I really think his age was getting to him, and he was not making sound statements. Iwata definately has a different vesion for nintendo an especially the way it deals with it's allies.

Second it seems that the market is different, and so are the goals of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Gamecube's most major flaw was that it couldn't differentiate itself from the competition, while Wii has to go in a different direction because it is underpowered. Let's not avoid it, the real reason we keep hearing "innovation" with regards to Wii is because it doesn't posses the power to go toe to toe with 360/PS3. Not that it's bad. It could acheive it's goal, expand the already large market even further, and place and increased focus on game design and play control. There was some (was it here) that pointed out that almost all wii games have distributed off screen videos actually showing the controller in action. It could be this Idea of placing extra focus on the gamer and not the game which would really make games more intuitive, not the controller (of course it is obviously the catalyst for this train of thought).

Then again things aren't rosy. Wii is going to be cheapest, but by a smaller margin than hoped. At 249$ american, it will launch at 50$ less than an XBOBX 360 core (which doesn't sell too well), and its pushed toward multiplayer gaming makes purchasing at least 1 extra 60$ controller bundle necessary. In addition many promises that have been were broken: No simultaneous world wide launch, no Metroid, no Gamecube version of Zelda at launch, no SSBB at launch... just to name a few. In addition, nintendo is forgoing the razer and blades of model of selling their system at a loss and profiting from each sale of Wii. Such things could be seen as an abuse of the loyalty that it has enjoyed from it's fans (which is considered the strongest in the industry).

Then again there are some things that aren't so clear. Third party support is phenominal, but how many third parties are developing Wii centered titles? Many are just making controller motions represent button presses and then tacking these on to existing games or game engines. The DS has shown that an offbeat system can be a breakaway success, however for what reason. Many best selling games (mario kart, NSMB, tetris DS) do not use the touch screen, and many touch centered games get mixed reactions from critics and fans (MP:H, Star Fox Command, Mario Basket 3 on 3 hoops)**. Indeed many users complain that touch based games cause hand pain, and blast game makers for making it a requirement. Wii goes farther to make it's revolutionary control scheme a requirement, and already there have been concerns about fatigue and awkwardness.

To sum it up, I think that Wii has a lot going for it, But it has some iffy-ness. I'm writing this not to pan Wii in any way. Indeed I'm excited by many of it's games, and equally so by the devoper enthusiasm. I fully plan to purchase a Wii on launch day (if preordering is possible), and convince my dad to go for some Wii sports golf. I think Wii's biggest strength is how it is being presented. It's goal is to not be seen as a gamer's machine, but as something that begs anyone to touch it. Games can be enjoyed by anyone, I beleive, but many have no incentive or will to even try. The fact that this is something that I actually want to share with loved ones without fear of them becoming gamers means soemthing.

Anyway, I'm curious about what you think. Especially what your real reasons are for wanting a Wii (or not wanting one). Remember this console is a promising, but untested Idea. And I find it very interesting that so many people can be excited about something they've never experienced first-hand. Then again, it is also interesting that experiencing Wii in person is the (supposed) best way to get you to enjoy it.
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Wii news  
11:31am 07/09/2006
Okay so here's some thing that I think might have slipped through the cracks.

First off, everyone here needs to check IGN. The latest weekly is Wii an exclusive look at some of the Wii games from GC. Also, on Wii mailbag, there is some speculation that Dragon Quest Sqoords is not a launchb title.

Second I little more info was discovered about the Sensor bar. Apparently, it contains not 2 or 4 LEDs, but 8! For proof check this picture. Apparently, while the light that is emitted from those LEDs is not visible to the naked eye, some CCD and digital cameras can pick it up (certain types of nightvision as well probably). Anyway if you have any old Wii photos, you might want to check them out now, in more detail. I think this more than confirms that you need line of sight with the sensor bar in order to get certain types of position data, but it also means that the Wii mote could be very robust.

Anyway that's it. Apparently there will be a whole lot of news within the next week, especially leading up to 10/14, so good stuff.
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05:28pm 25/08/2006
Let's get straight to the linkyness:

To conclude we have to say that Rayman is really an impressive game. The control scheme is exactly what Wii needs, the ideas the team had for the game are just great and it features some of the best comedy moments we have ever seen in a videogame. If you like funny games with a crazy story, you're going to love what Michel Ancel and team have done with Rayman's latest outing.
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11:34pm 03/08/2006
So I went to Pre-Redge at otakon tomorrow and I noticed about 5 DS's. So I'm curious if anyone here is attending. I'll be htere with Ika (my new blue DS). Also Play! a videogame symphony is happening tomorrow (which I'll also attend). Curious if anyone wants to picto chat during the show.

On a side note, I got the DS browser. And everything they say is true and worse. It's slow and websites that rely on interactivity don't function very well. It's not dial-up bad, and many sites are bearable. However there is one criticism that I think was blown out of proportion, and that was the disfigurement of websites using Dual Screen mode. The fact remains is that anytime you want, you can just flip back to touch mode, and the site displays fin 905 percent of the time.

Anyway I will state that it still remains in the relm of usefulness, and is a suitable portable browsing solution for those without laptops. Until UMPC's are perfected, portable browsing will only get this good, methinks. Bearable but not capable of tabalicious power browsing like it's pc cousin's, and that's the final word yo.
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Opera Negativity  
12:14am 30/07/2006
1up.com does not like opera

The jist:

- No flash support means half the internet doesn't work
- Slow
- Due to limited screen size and lack of certain types of functionality, websites have to be resized for the browser and this can distort many of them

I think the bulk of it is that, because the internet is full of so hi-res and animated content, a deveice whose features are limited can't catch up. You really can't expect much from a 66-33 mhz machine with 14 megs of ram no matter how you slice it. Maybe portable gaming devices were never meant to use the internet, or maybe they just need more time.
tags: ds opera
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DS Opera  
11:34pm 18/07/2006
I just completed my pre-order from lik-sang on Jap DS opera, and I'm wondering how many people are doing the same. I tend to shy away from imports, but I've wanted this for so long that I just could not help it.

Also ANY news at all on the english option? Screens show english input, and obviiously websites are in english, but what about the rest? Curious if anyone can comment (though I doubt it).
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